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Our Models

Below you will find a wide variety model homes to choose from ranging from 1100 sq. ft. up to 2500 sq. ft. You can select one of our quality built homes as is, or as many people do, request modifications to them. Please feel free to contact Fred anytime with your questions. Fred can build any home to accommodate your needs and financial situation. Custom home construction is also available.

Melissa Model
Living Area 1870
Total Sq. Ft. 2393
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JY Model
Living Area 1581
Porch 1280 Sq. Ft.
Total Sq. Ft. 2861
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The Kelly

Living Area 1676
Total Sq. Ft. 2539


The Kristina
Living Area 1671
Total Sq. Ft. 2448


The Tara
Living Area 1640
Total Sq. Ft. 2349


The David
Living Area 1435
Total Sq. Ft. 2332


The Sierra
Living Area 1692
Total Sq. Ft. 2262


The Destiny
Living Area 1363
Total Sq. Ft. 2008
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The Stephanie
Living Area 1626
Total Sq. Ft. 2193


The Samantha
Living Area 1185
Back Porch 200
Entry 24
Garage 450
Total Sq. Ft. 1859


The Katie Marie
Living Area 1207
Porch 200
Total Sq. Ft.1707


The Jean Marie
Living Area 1098
Total Sq. Ft. 1408


The Tammy-Jo
Living Area 1098
Total Sq. Ft. 1128



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